Charlotte's 1st Birthday

Charlotte Jane,

You, our sweet baby girl, have made our lives so complete. This time last year, we were meeting you for the first time. And we instantly fell head over heels. 

It is amazing how life can change in just an instant. In eight very short days, our lives were miraculously changed for the better. A phone call from the agency, a flight to Tallahassee, a beautiful birthmom, YOU, and back home again to get settled into our new family routine. 
God is so incredibly, incredibly good.

We all have been smitten with you, my love, since the moment we laid eyes on you. You have been doted and loved on, as all princesses deserve. You make a single peep, and you have an entire household wrapped around your teeny tiny fingers. You smile and giggle, and we all light up. You cry or get a little bump, and you have your choice of arms to fall into for comfort. Little one, we absolutely, whole-hearted, adore you. 

Charley, we can't wait to see your destiny unfold! We already know God has big things in store for you. We support your 
desires and your dreams and want the front 
row seat of watching them come true. 

Hugs and kisses from your biggest fans.
Mommy, Daddy and Maxi

Hard to choose which birthday photos to post, so I did just about all of them!

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