And the winner is...

Check out Max as he models his favorite Christmas gift. 

I could barely catch him in a photo he was darting so quickly around the house being a superhero [Superhero name is: SuperMax]. 

And later, he teamed up with his cousins on Christmas day and they shared their excitement in all getting a cape and mask for Christmas. Hooray for Etsy, hooray for the PeanutPop Shop.  


Merry Christmas to All!

What a Christmas to remember. Maximus, under the tree, with his new baby sister, Charlotte. We continue to be blessed [and grateful!] beyond our wildest dreams. 

May you experience the joy of this Christmas season. We certainly are. 

Merry Christmas! 


Christmas Decorating Fun

Maximus was in sheer holiday heaven decorating (and EATING!) our annual Christmas cookies this year. Way to go buddy! Little heavy on the sprinkles, but they are b.e.a.utiful. ;)


Happy Birthday Jesus

Max was in charge of Jesus' birthday cake for his preschool Christmas celebration. What a proud little boy he was picking out the cake (at the grocery store, yes I have a new baby), telling the bakery lady that he needed it to say, "Happy Birthday Jesus," and then sharing it with his friends at school. 

I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to send Maximus to a school that emphasizes the birth of Jesus during the holiday season. 

Jesus is, absolutely, the reason for our season.


Baby Love

I just love this sweet little baby. Her sweet little face. And her first smiles. I continue to be in awe and wonder of God's goodness.


I Have WAITED for this MOMENT

I know, stockings on a mantle. Big deal. 

No really, this is a BIG DEAL. Count them. 1...2...3...4... 

I now have FOUR stockings on my mantle. 

I have definitely waited for this moment. ;)