Happy 4th Birthday, Maximus!

Four? Seriously, we have a four year old? Where has the time gone? These past four years have certainly flown by. And so this year we thought we would throw a blowout party for Max at Huntington National Park to watch the Clippers with our family and friends. It was an amazing day, with great weather and a ton of memories made!

Future Allstars.....
(Isabel, Brooke, Caleb, Lincoln, Gabriel, BIRTHDAY BOY, Elijah, Quinton and Shayden)

We had one of THE coolest, baseball -birthday cakes ever. I sent our infamous cake lady a picture of the invitation and told her that we were celebrating at the Clippers game. I couldn't have drawn up a better cake than this. Max loved being able to read his name, and thought it was uber cool that the jersey had a #4 just like his new age. (side note - one of the ballpark managers at the gate saw us carrying in this cake and asked if he could take a picture of it to tweet out to all of the Clippers fans! He thought it was too cool.)

Brit took Max in search for the perfect baseball birthday outfit. His first pair of baseball pants (which looked adorable on his little waist) and probably his favorite - the blue belt! He even has his cleats on, if you look closely.

                                                        Max with some of his best friends!

Happy Birthday, Maximus! You have grown up so much this past year. The things you say literally have us in tears. You are extremely talanted, kind and oh so funny. Your memory is astonishing and you are loved by so many people. You make our hearts happy, buddy! We can't wait to watch all the amazing things you are going to do. We'll always be your number one fan!

One of my favorite pictures. : )

Happy birthday, sweet boy! We love you so much! xoxo


Baby Yoga

Charley's new thing: sucking on her toes (especially the big one)! 

My aunt captured this video while watching the kiddos for the afternoon. Charley is happy as can be, still in her crib, after a wonderfully, long afternoon nap. 

Charley, you are going to be ready to join me in yoga class in no time!


Charley Loves Avocado!

Today marked a first for our baby girl. 

It was love at first sight, or should I say, at first taste. Avocados are packed with nutrients, so it was an easy winner when choosing our first food. 

And I am pretty sure this face says it all.

Yep, we will be dining on more avocado tomorrow!