Lil' Sun Princess

Charlotte is soaking up some sun. This girl doesn't know how great she has it.... while visiting friends - Charley ate, napped, and hung out by the pool. What. A. Life.


Is this real life?

Flippin' adorable. 


This picture has definetly become a favorite. We tried to get a good picture on Father's Day, and these don't disappoint. It really doesn't get much better than this. And how about Char's little face? Is she a ham or what?


Pool Craze

With a pool so close to the house, it is no surprise that we are already logging some serious hours.

Max is quite the swimmer. All he needs is a pair of goggles and an adult nearby. Seriously, this kid could swim for hours. He loves holding his breath and swimming under water for an impressive amount of time. Go buddy!

And this little angel can't get enough of the pool either. Splashing, laughing, having fun. She absolutely LOVES being in the water! 


Future Pro Golfer?

There are a lot of things that make Sam beam. And you're looking at one of them.
Maximus, and a few of his cousins, just spent a week at golf camp. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and has spent hours "practicing" out in the front yard showing all the neighbors how far he can 'crush' the ball. Too flippin' cute I tell you. 

  And he looks too cool in that visor - just like Daddy. :)


Just Because She's So Cute


         It's so easy to get Charlotte to give you one of these grins. She is always this happy!!       

                                                               Our little Bear - 8 months