Happy 2011...Better Late Than Never

Where has the time gone?

And how do I re-enter the bloggy world after taking a 10 week hiatus?

I'm not really sure if I can do the past couple of months justice by giving you a top ten list or even highlights. I have to admit I have been living in the PRESENT, enjoying each moment with my hubby, my little BIG boy and friends. I have really tried to cherish the here and now because if you don't already know this, time flies! And it seems to be passing me by at record speed right now.

I am pretty sure having a toddler will do that to you. It seems that each day we have a new milestone, a new word or phrase, a new something to laugh at together.

Picture this: Max snuggled in bed with Sam early in the morning. After he is completely situated, nestled right up next to his daddy, covers on, blanket in tow, Max exclaims, "this is soooooooo cozy daddy." Talk about making your heart melt, right?

Or this one: Max in my arms, on my hip, and we are having a conversation, he abruptly stops mid-sentence to pat my pony tail and say, "mommy your hair is soooooo cute." Laugh out loud, right?

I'm telling you this is my EVERY DAY right now. Making our hearts melt, finding joy at every turn, and grateful for this little boy (that is growing up WAY too quickly).

So with all that being said, I need to start sharing these moments that I have been keeping all to myself and get back to sharing them with you.

So I promise that my bloggy vacation is OVER and I have returned.

Before I say good-bye for today I must wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS:

Max in his new bounce castle!


Ringing in 2011

So Cheers. To new milestones. A life full of laughter. And hope to what the future will bring.