Fall Fun

It's a beautiful day in mid-October for us Ohioans, and what better place to spend it than at the Pumpkin Patch. Grandma Tonya (Colton's Mom) was in town visiting this weekend and we thought we'd take her out for a little family fun! We definitely enjoyed our short time together, but we made sure to make many memories!

Doesn't Charley look like a big girl here? I think our baby is growing up.

Max checking out how tall he is this year. I think he is a little over half a leaf away from 4ft (with boots on, of course)

You can just tell they adore one another. And that sure makes my heart happy!

Thanks Brit for editing this photo! Looks cool.

Gotta weigh that pumpkin, right? 
Looks like a big one, Max!

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