10 Things List

Since I have been on hiatus from the blogging world, I thought it would be best to re-enter by giving you a 10 Things I Should Have Blogged About the Past Month List.

10. The annual making of the pumpkin pie. This is Sam's 3rd year involving the Mister. First year, Max was in the Bjorn. Second year, in the backpack Kelty, and this year, such a big boy on the counter. Max is very into cooking these days, so he was in heaven helping his daddy.

9. Max's new love: Fire Trucks. He plays with fire trucks. Has a fire truck song that he sings. And has even visited the nearby fire station. (**instant update: Max just looked over my shoulder and saw the picture of fire truck below. He started shouting "Fire Truck, Fire Truck! Let's go see a Fire Truck.") I think you get the idea. The boy is into Fire Trucks. :)

8. Road trip to Chi-Town. Chicago is one of our favorite places to visit, so we thought it was about time we introduced Max to city life. He LOVED it! He took his first train ride (from the suburbs to the city) and his first taxi ride all in one day! I am pretty sure I was an adult before I did either one of those, so I am kind of proud of the fact that we had Max in a train and cab at the age of 2.

7. Buckeye Fever. We all get it this time of year. This season, we erected a 9' tall x 16' wide screen in our backyard. We invited our friends and family and had an outdoor viewing party. It was a night to remember. Hot cider, lots of appetizers, everyone in Buckeye gear, lawn chairs, an HD projector and a big screen. Does it get any better? Oh right, would have been nice if they would have beat Wisconsin.

6. Girls trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My girlfriend Becky and I flew to visit one of our friends Joy for a long weekend. We had a great time eating sushi, drinking Jamba Juice and spending an afternoon at the spa. As much fun as it was, I would much rather her just move back to Ohio. Long-distance relationships stink. :)

5. Trick or Treat! Max was Mickey Mouse this year and proud of it! He had lots of opportunities to show off his costume since we happened to trick or treat in two different neighborhoods. In our neighborhood, he ran around with his little friend, Brooke (a.k.a. Minnie Mouse).

4. We have been coping with the loss of my sweet grandmother "Nana" who passed away. I have never met a woman more vibrant with life, active, bubbly and joyful. She was so happy to be alive and showed us all how to live in the moment and enjoy each day given to us. She was a wonderful woman, and I call it a privilege to celebrate her life.

3. Sam and I met Cabo San Lucas for the first time in early November. And we liked it. :) We had a 4-day getaway in paradise. It was hands-down the most romantic place we have every stayed. It was private and remote. Service was outstanding (do I need to mention we had our own private butler?). And the views were incredible. There is something about being in a place where you have the ocean and the mountains in one setting. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

2. And while we were away? Max was in good hands with Sam's cousin Brit. She adores Maximus and couldn't wait to spend time with him for 4 days. She had special activities planned from bowling to the fire station to ice cream. Thank you Brit for taking such great care of our little boy. Take a look at Max's smiles below, he obviously had a great time in our absence.

1. And last, but not least. Max went ice skating for the first time. Sam might have done some research and found out that we can put Max in hockey/ice skating lessons at the age of 3. So, since that is only 6 months away, we wanted to get the ball rolling and help Max get comfortable on the ice. He did great! He might just be a hockey player in the making.