Annual Family Vacation in OBX

Charley enjoyed being on the beach. This was her first experience. Such a happy baby in between napping and eating. Two of her favorite things. :)

The boys playing in the sand.

Max and Charley with Grandma and Papa. They get such a delight out of spending an entire week with all their grandchildren!

Max cracking me up while pretending to "sleep" by the pool. What do you think this is vacation?

It's crazy to think last year at this same beach we didn't even know about Charlotte yet.
God is so good!

 This year was the first year that Max could actually swim, well. It was a constant discussion "can I swim without my backpack, please?" :)

We always get ice cream on the last night. I love this tradition and, as you can see, so does Charley! :)

My sweet little angels 

One BIG happy family!

backrow - Madeline (11) Gavin (2 months ) Lauren (7) June (1) Clarie (3) Shayden (3) Quinton (2) Gabriel (5) Abigail (9) Charlotte (10 months) 
middle row- Elijah (4) Maximus (4) Hunter (1)
front row- Norah (2) Lincoln (3)


Moving on UP!

Max officially mastered riding his bike with no training wheels. We thought it was going to be a grueling afternoon, with lots of encouragement and assistance required. Instead, Max showed us. One try, and he was up and biking with ease! What a guy!