Yes. We officially have a thumb-sucker.


The "New" Tuesdays with Aunt Jen

For the past few years, I have devoted Tuesdays to my sis-in-law Kristen and my nieces (Madeline, Abigail, Lauren) and nephew (Gabriel). 

Keeping the tradition alive, I have continued to spend Tuesdays with Kristen and the gang. But, who is the new center of attention...
Max of course!


First Trip to the Pool

Max's first splash in the pool. 
He loved it so much he crashed for a nap afterward!


Happy Father's Day

I have waited years to say this:


You are an amazing man. An amazing father.

We love you,
Jen & Max


First Fro-hawk

To better understand the fro-hawk, I turned to the urban dictionary for help:

A fro-hawk is a Mohawk but without the typical shaved head. Although it looks like a mohawk there is still hair present on your head.

Whelp, that about sums it up!


First Trip to the Zoo!

Max's first trip to see lions, tigers and bears...Oh my!  
[Ok, cheesy I know.] 

It was such a fun day! We spent it with my sis-in-law Amy and my niece [Max's cousin] Mia, who is three. 


A Birthday Wish

If you have been following this blog, you will know that I am a birthmom. And my son, Michael, turns twelve years old today. Time sure does fly. 

Today is a day of rejoicing. I feel that I have so many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for Rocke and Dee, Michael's amazing parents. I am thankful for his older sister, Morgan.  

And more than anything, I am thankful that I can rejoice with Max in my arms today. My sweet, sweet little baby boy. The baby I have longed for and prayed for and wept for. 

I know all too well the sacrifice Emily, Colton, and their families made. For us. For Max. Twelve years ago I made the same decision. 

This is a day I never, never forget. 

Happy Birthday Michael!


First 4 oz Bottle

He drained it. His first 4 oz bottle. Way to go little man!