Reunion in St. Augustine, Florida

Dearest Aaron,

What a gift you have given us. Charlotte lights up our life. She is sweet, and funny, and absolutely adorable. Our lives are forever changed because of your decision to choose us! Maximus has enjoyed every minute of being a big brother and has continued to surprise us with his tender spirit and protective nature towards his baby sister. And Sam and I are completely smitten with having a daughter. It is more than we could have ever imagined or wished for. Charlotte is a dream come true. 

What a beautiful reunion we just had with Aaron, Chris (Charlotte's birthfather), Grandpa Chip and Grandma Sheila (Aaron's parents) in St. Augustine, Florida. We dined, and shopped and our sweet little Charlotte melted all their hearts. 

Charley, you are one blessed little girl! You have SO MANY people that truly love and adore you. Family that will go to the moon and back for you. What a treasure you are to all of us! 

Cheers to time well spent with our new and extended family. Already looking forward to next time. 

Charlotte (age 1) and her sweet Birthmama, Aaron


Caught Red Handed

Mmmmmm Hmmmmm....
Whatcha doin'?


First Day of Pre-K 4

We were in shear joy when we found out that Miss Katie was going to be Max's teacher for his second year of pre-school. In case you don't recall, Miss Katie taught Max's first year of pre-school. What a great feeling to know Max already knew and was familiar with her. And on top of that Maximus learned so much last year; I can't wait to see how much fun he has in her class this year!

 I just had to compare these photos. On left, Maximus on his first day of Preschool - age 3. And an entire year later, Maximus looking so grown up heading to Preschool - age 4.


First Time in the Stadium

Maximus loves himself some Ohio State football! So when he caught wind that he was actually going to get to go to a game, he couldn't stop talking about it. In fact he kept telling us "You know I'm not going to watch the game on the TV today!" This was a big day for Max and I am so glad Sam got to take him.

Go Bucks!!

 And here's baby sister wearing her first game day sticker all geared up for the game too. I think she's hoping to see Daddy and big bro on TV. :)


My Soccer Stud

Max is a sports fanatic! He loves watching it all - football, basketball, hockey, you name it. But now it was time for Max to join in on the action. In our neighborhood soccer league you have to be four years old to play, all of this, Max knew. So, when he hit the big 4 we signed up and it has definitely been a hit!

He looks too cute in his tiny shin guards, sock and cleats.