The Lake

Sam and I love to make great memories at the Lake every summer. This summer will be no exception. We kicked our lazy Lake days off by spending the weekend with friends near the water. Max loved every minute.

Here is a little photo gallery of our weekend adventure.

This picture is just because...
Look at those baby blues and curls!

First doughnut...
Which Max loved!
One of our Lake traditions is to take the boat out early 
in the morning and drive to the local doughnut shop.

Morning photo opp on the Lake...
Max is still loving that doughnut!

Back on the boat for an afternoon of fun.
Max, you are one cool dude!

First jet ski ride...
Yep, that's right! 

What a great weekend.
Lots of smiles, lots of fun and lots of great memories!


Pardon Me?

Just a quick and funny little story I wanted to share with all of you.

Maximus and I were riding in the car yesterday. I was feeling extra gushy towards the little man and was reveling in the fact that I am now a mom. We had just left his little gym class [one of my weekly highlights with Max] and I started gushing love all over the little guy. If you were a fly inside the car, it would have sounded something like this:

"Max, I love you. Love you, Love you, Love you. I love being your mommy. Did you know that? I. LOVE. BEING. YOUR. MOMMY. Nothing makes me happier, little buddy. I love you SO VERY much. I love you, I love you, I love you. LOVE being your mama. Love it! Love you!" [and so on and so on for a gooooood 5 minutes]

I think you get the point. GUSHING LOVE all over my little man.

As I was talking, Mister just kept giving me this blank stare. As if to say, "I hear you, but you are a bit off your rocker mommy." 

After all the gushing was coming to a close, Max gives me one more look, and then flings his head to look out the window and says one word: 


Pardon Me?

Was I not just gushing love all over you? And little man gives me the cold shoulder and says, "DADA."

Go figure, right?

[Footnote: I must make mention that Max is VERY good at saying "Mama" and "Mommy". In fact, he now follows me around the house all day saying my name. So he could have easily melted my heart by saying "Mama". Instead? Daddy got the love!]


Baby Steps

Max is officially walking. It is a a stitch to see! He lifts both hands high in the air for balance and wobbles back and forth. His walking usually ends with a big thud on his bottom, but he gets back up on both feet and tries again...and again...and again. 

Check out the video of Max walking below. The boy gets quite distracted by the mulch bed, but notice he does keep his balance AND does not eat the mulch. All big accomplishments peeps! 

Our little boy is growing up!


Then and Now

Pool Days are back again! Oh, how I love summer. Oh, how I love the sun. Oh, how I love the pool!

I couldn't resist sharing a then and now post with you.

Beginning of Summer

Beginning of Summer

Oh, how you have grown, Mister Max!


Time to Eat

Max is what some would call a demanding eater. He loves food. He loves to eat. And if you don't keep his tray full, he will let you hear all about it. 

Well, over the weekend Max showed his daddy just how demanding he really is! Sam gave me the morning off and I gleefully stayed in bed a little longer than normal [yep, that's right, I didn't get up until 8am!!].

As I was dreaming in and out of consciousness and enjoying my lazy morning, Sam came running upstairs and said I had to come down to the kitchen and check out Max. Sam would never wake me up on my morning off, so I figured it had to be good.

Apparently, Sam had been busy in the kitchen. Running from the toaster to the pantry to the stove trying to get things organized before putting Max in his highchair. [If you do not have things cut up and ready to go when Mister goes into the highchair...well, let's just say he is not too happy with you.]

While Sam was scurrying around the kitchen getting things in order, Max was playing. Sam realized things were a bit too quiet, and promptly stopped what he was doing to check on the whereabouts of the boy. Well, he found him! He had [somehow!!] figured out how to climb into our booster seat/high chair. [It's the high chair we pull out when we have another toddler at the house. We had it out for Isabel the day before. It was sitting on the floor, clean and ready to be put away].  Again, I repeat. Max was able to climb into the seat, tray in tact, and was looking up at Sam with eyes that said, "can I eat now?"

Max, how you shimmied yourself into that seat we will never know!!


Twelve Month Update

We received another perfect report on Mister Max at his 1 year doctor visit.

He weighed 22 lbs 3 oz - 50th percentile.
He measured 32 in long - 97th percentile.

We are so thankful for a healthy little boy. And we continue to pray God's perfect health over you, Maximus!


A Fish Called...

Mr. Sushi.

Yes, we officially have a name for Max's pet fish. Thanks for all your help and all your votes. Just remember, you CAN make a difference.  ;)



We need your help! Sam and I are unable to agree on a name for Max's new goldfish. 

[Note: If you are just stopping in, the little man received a pet fish as a birthday gift].

We asked for your help in naming our new family member [see this blog post for details] and y'all rose to the challenge. Just some of the names entered include: Wanda, Alice, Bling, Nemo, Jervis, Speckle, Speedy, Gordon Ray, Mr. Sushi and many more creative suggestions.  :) 

Here is what we have it narrowed down to, and we are counting on YOU to cast your vote and help us name this fish.

1. Bling
2. Mr. Sushi

You've got 48 hours so please don't delay. Cast that vote!!!