Chew on This

We hit another Max Milestone yesterday. I put him down, as usual, for his afternoon nap. However, he was not tired at all. I heard him for 45 minutes babbling in his crib. Not upset one bit, just talking and talking and talking. After awhile, I started wondering, "what is he actually doing in there?" He often talks himself to sleep, but not for this long. We were certainly past the window of him actually falling asleep for an afternoon nap.  

So I creep into his room, peek around the corner and discover...

Max. Standing. In. His. Crib. 

A Milestone.

One we have been prepared for. We lowered the mattress weeks ago in anticipation for this next step. However, it is still one of those AHA! moments when you realize your child has discovered how to do something new.

The story doesn't end here. I realize [very quickly!] that as he is standing, he is also teething on the side of his crib [Can I pause briefly to  mention that this is brand new furniture that converts to a toddler bed and then a full size bed? In other words, this furniture is an investment that we are going to use for years and years and years to come! Why doesn't he understand this?].  

I pulled him out of his crib lickity-split. [Sam did ask my later if I used it as a teaching moment. You know in a quiet and loving voice, "Max, no thank-you, we don't chew on furniture..." Uh no, I did not use it as a teaching moment. I yanked him out of the crib.]

So I am sure you are all desperate to know what we decided to do to ensure our furniture does not get chewed up by our almost ten-month-old. 

Option 1: Sleep in pack-n-play until further notice.

Option 2: Purchase Kid Kusion - a safe, non-toxic, bpa-free rail cover that will provide a chewy soft surface for teething [Yes, I just read this directly from the pacakge].

So here is where we stand [haha, pun intended] as of today. Max slept soundly in his pack-n-play last night and will remain in his cozy portable crib until Mommy and Daddy apply the gummi crib rail cover.

You sure are keeping us on our toes, Mister!


The Mister's Closet

For the third time since Max's birth, I found it necessary to organize his closet and make sure it only includes clothes that fit. First, he graduated from 0-3 to 3-6. Then, the little guy could barely squeeze into his 3-6 wardrobe so I moved him to 6-12. Now, at not even 10 months of age, I am already weeding out onesies that won't button and pants that are way too short, and replacing his 6-12 clothes with a 12-18 wardrobe.

As much as I like to shop [the boy always looks dapper, doesn't he?], I find days like today a bit bittersweet. I will admit it, tears have rolled down my cheeks every time I put clothes away in a bin for storage.  

Max is growing up so fast. He is the most precious and sweetest thing I have ever known, and he is growing up. I know this is a good thing, but it is a bit of a tearjerker to tuck those sweet baby boy clothes in a bin.

I am already praying that I get to pull them out again, one day soon. Seriously. The clothes are stinkin' cute. And they do not belong in bins tossed to the side and forgotten. And for that reason, and many, many, many more of course, we need another precious boy so I have an excuse to pull the clothes back out and "ooohhhh and awwww" over our adorable baby boy wardrobe.

Let it be Lord, let it be!

Max in one of his new, too cute, big boy outfits!
His very first Puma track suit.


Tips for Traveling By Plane with an Infant

Traveling with an infant is fun.

Traveling with an infant is a breeze.

Traveling with an infant is a lot of work. So let me provide you with some helpful tips that will come in handy next time you fly the sky cross-country with a baby!

1. Always, always pack a change of clothes for your baby. Why? Take a look at the last voyage by clicking here. The bottom line: When you don't pack a change of clothes you need them. When you pack a change of clothes you don't need them. Somehow your baby will know if you are prepared or not.

2. Arrive at the airport at least two days hours early. Security is tight these days. And if you are packing water, formula and baby food jars? Well, be prepared for a pat down. Nuff said. 

3. Always Never try to save a buck by carrying all your luggage on board the plane. [Nowadays, most airlines are making you pay for checked luggage, some up to $25 a bag]. Be prepared for sideways glances as you push your stroller, your luggage, your duffel bag and your baby bag through the terminal. And oh yes! Expect the baby to be on your hip because he will want to be carried, not pushed in the convenient stroller.

4. Do not be surprised that after a four hour flight you have only read one chapter in your brand new, fun book. One chapter. Only 10 pages long. Seriously, don't be surprised.

5. Remember that exposing your infant to germs builds the immune system. For maximum exposure you could allow your baby to crawl around the back galley of the plane and then watch in terror delight as they pause to pop their thumb in their mouth. Germs? What germs? 

6. Do not put a time limit on TV. If infant is entertained and engaged in the movie [i.e. Baby Einstein], play it again. And again. And again. Even if you are getting dirty looks because the volume is a smidge too loud. Play it again. And again. And again.

7. Do not assume that your baby will fall fast asleep on the plane. Even if they are rubbing their eyes and sucking their thumb. They are not tired. And that hum and lull of the engine? It obviously doesn't help put them to sleep.

All in all, I hope these tips come in useful on your next journey. 

And Max, 
You were a great little traveling companion and I am already looking forward to our next trip!
Your Mama


Little Explorer

Now that Max is crawling, he is exploring!

I thought our house was adequately baby proofed.  Notice I said, "I thought!"

Max has been getting into everything this week. He is finding spots in the house that I didn't even realize needed baby proofing.  Now, I have to admit I was that mom that always said, "I will just teach my kids what they can and cannot touch. Wine bottles? They won't pull those out of the wine rack. Papers? Coupons? Phone? Cords? No way! My kids will just know not to touch my things.

Uh ya, newsflash: That approach does not work. Especially with a curious nine month old! 

[And if you are that person I told, "I won't need to put my wine bottles away or clean that shelf off because my kids will just mind me from the beginning and know that is off limits... well, please forgive me. I was so naive.]

So, here is my curious little boy getting into one of those "off limit" shelves! He is obviously having a blast.

Hey mom, look at me!

This is so fun! What is this? It tastes good.

Why are you still looking at me? I'm just playin.' 

Wow, could this get any more fun?

What'd I miss? Is there anything left on that shelf?

And just to wrap things up. After Max pulled every last thing off these three shelves, I found a new home for most of my CD's, papers, coupons, etc., etc. The shelves now belong to Max and his toys. 


Max, Get Your Crawl On!

Max is officially crawling! He has been working the kinks out the last couple of days, but today he was on the move. He followed me everywhere. He pulled things off shelves. He took books out of baskets. He crawled his little heart out. Way to go buddy, we knew you could do it!

And what does this mean for me? Well, I better get busy as it seems I've got some more baby proofing to do around the house!

Catch a glimpse of Max getting his crawl on [enjoy the surprise ending to the video!]. 


Photo Shoot

I couldn't resist posting some pictures of our photo shoot from this afternoon.

Max received a very special gift in the mail this week from his biological great-grandmother. A handmade fleece hat/scarf/mittens set. So adorable!

Sam and I wanted to send a heartfelt thank-you note with photos, so we bundled Max up in his new gear for this special photo shoot.

It was as if he knew we wanted these photos to be extra special. The perfect looks. The perfect smiles. The camera loves this little man! 

And don't you just love the new winter accessories?


Max, You Can Do It!

Remember that old song by Paula Abdul with lyrics that say "two steps forward and one step back...?"

That is the only way I can describe Max's non-interest in crawling. He can do it. We have seen it. But, it is like two steps forward, and then he either sits back on his bottom or throws himself forward on his tummy as if to say...

"Whatever you are taunting me with? I don't need it that bad." 

He is content. He is cool. He is collected. He could care less about crawling. 

And if he does get frustrated? Well, that's when I sweep in and pick him up. [My poor little guy...he needs me, right?]

Come to think of it...do you think this non-crawling thing is my fault? 


One Happy Blue Jackets Daddy

Sam was in all his glory last night. 

We took Maximus to the Blue Jackets hockey game. We let him stay up way past his bedtime so he could experience all the excitement and buzz about our hockey team [they are in the hunt for the playoffs this year - Go Jackets!]. He was a little gem! He sat on our laps the entire game! And was completely into the game, the Jumbotron, and the other fans.

Here's daddy with his future hockey player:


Nine Month Update

Max at the doctor's office
Hammin' it up!

We received a perfect report at Max's nine month well visit!

He weighed 19 lbs 1 oz - 25th percentile.
He measured 30 in long - 95th percentile.

He is a happy and healthy little boy. We are so grateful!