My friend Yvonne

Let me introduce you to my friend Yvonne. This woman is an amazing prayer warrior and dear friend.

I first met Yvonne years and years ago. She was (and still is) a very important person to my grandmother. They were prayer partners for years.

When I found out I was pregnant (check out first blog post for this story), my grandmother confided in her prayer partner and Yvonne went to work immediately praying for me and my situation.

Through her spirit-led prayers, Yvonne helped make a connection that will last a lifetime. She introduced me to Rocke and Dee, my son Michael's adoptive parents (sidenote: Yvonne and Dee are cousins).

Fast-forward to present day.

Sam recently suggested we call Yvonne and share with her the adoption plan. I think it is interesting God put her on his heart since he has never met Yvonne, only heard about her.

Sam has felt from the beginning of this process that word-of-mouth could be exactly how this story unfolds. We are earnestly seeking the Lord and asking Him for the right people to tell.

So to-date here is what we've got:
1. We have downloaded the application for Mercy and are moving forward.
2. We shared our adoption plan with Yvonne and her husband Art.
3. We decided to share our adoption plan with Rocke and Dee.

That is it for now! I am excited to see how God is going to work!!