Super Superheros!

This is Maximus and his best bud Gabriel. Better known as Captain America and Flash.

These two are the perfect superheros. They both LOVE dressing up in their costumes, fighting bad guys and posing for a quick photo for their fans. Thanks guys!


Planting Day at the Farm

That's right, it's that time of year again - time to get our planting on. Every year, we plant a large amount of crops and diligently watch them grow into some incredible, healthy and organic vegetables at my sibling's farm.

It is hard work, but so rewarding! To know that you planted something, watered it, waited for it, and then voila: beautiful vegetables to feed your family. It doesn't get much better than that (or at least in my book it doesn't). 
Getting the rows ready for the seeds. Max working with his Aunt Beth.


Favorite pic for sure, what a guy! 
Definitely deserving of a water break. 

He worked up such a sweat, the shirt had to come off! 

My perfect little helper. Can't wait to see this garden grow!


Charlotte's Dedication

It seems like we have waited forever for you, and at the same time it's like you have always been with us. We love you so much, and can't wait to see how God will use you to shake grounds and move mountains. We feel so blessed to be your parents. We thank God for choosing us! We love you! 

It was an absolute gorgeous day for her dedication at church. I just love that Sam and Max are wearing their matching white linen pants. :) And Charley looks like the princess she truly is in this outfit. 

Charlotte Jane,
   You are amazing!


Charlotte Working The Camera

Here is a little impromptu photo shoot I did with Charley on our front porch swing.

Charlotte Jane -7 months old. :)

These are the days where she will actually keep bows in her hair! I love this outfit on her. It sure is fun to dress a little girl up, especially when her Aunt Kristen gets her precious skirts like this one. :)